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Interest in the paranormal is at an all-time high. Millions of folks enjoy a good (safe) scare. All around the world, our superstitions and desire for excitement have propagated a huge number of paranormal podcasts, blogs, movies, TV shows, and magazines. We love our scary stories!

If you…                                                                         

 * are a serious ghost hunting group, 

* are perpetually curious about our weird world, 

* have a scientific interest in parascience, including the ghost hunting tools often used on TV, 

* are interested in cryptids like Bigfoot, werewolves, vampires, or UFO’s, hauntings, Wicca, tarot, folklore etc.,  

* or just plain enjoy spooky stories and an occasional jump scare or shiver down your spine, 

you are in the right place!

(We even have a G-rated kids page for those cute, little monsters of yours.)


Our mission and promises to you.


HighStrange magazine delivers well-researched (and usually annotated) articles on all aspects of the paranormal, the weird, the spooky and the fun. From ghosts and cryptid hunts, to  archaeology and weird  history, and from ethnocentric legends and myths to the totally off the wall, we’ll tackle any subject that appeals to us and to you. (You can even contact us with your curious questioning and suggestions for articles.) We even have a kids’ page that’s very gentle, spooky fun for  your little ones. Oh! And of course, we feature some great, original spooky stories as well as some of the best fiction in the genre. You can check out some “teaser” articles on the blog page.

When writing or investigating, we guarantee complete honesty and real facts. We will NEVER fake evidence during investigations and will investigate logically. You won’t find hysteria or fakery-for-ratings here.  We will think and write critical essays. We will research our topics rigorously. And we will always attempt to keep our products and advertising as cost-effective as possible.


Our family welcomes yours!


We hope you’ll  join our little family and help us to grow and reach more curious readers who love the horror genre as much as we do.   We are also always searching for talent from all over the globe. If you’re interested in writing or using your artistic skills and joining the fam, contact us please. The more writers we have, the more content we can bring to you, our dear subscribers! Come on in! We won’t bite (hard.)



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