For new writers still building a platform, writing for several online or local news outlets in your genre builds your “platform.” (Platform refers to your authority as a writer and is one of the first things an editor or agent looks for.) No platform? Probably no publishing.

HighStrange is always looking for great new writers to join our staff or even just submit articles within the genre from time to time.

Initially, we cannot afford to pay much (or at all) for articles. But aside from creating a magazine that will be enjoyed across the world, getting our writers and artists paid is my (Ranee’s) number one priority.  Our current writers have been absolutely amazing and I can never repay the emotional debt I owe them all. But with a little luck and some up-to-date marketing, that will soon change.  My plan at this time is to offer industry standard (or better) pay per piece,  plus profit sharing to all members of the team. If we do really well, I will also offer a health plan to regular team members. I’ve already spoken with a company named Deel and they offer everything we need to operate a multi-national company. We want writers from around the world to bring the spotlight to your nation.

We are accepting applications for new writers and artists to join the HighStrange family. We are a very democratically-operated team where all opinions and ideas are creating a one-of-a-kind publication.





Photography, any and all types of visual arts to compliment articles and just plain wow our readers. Our art will become a cornerstone of our magazine and could help launch careers. (We also have a childrens’ book that needs an artist. Contracted pay plus shares of sales apply.)

We have 10 writers at present, but to avoid overwhelming them, I still need to add about 10 more writers of the (mostly) non-fiction horror and weird science genre. (Writers maintain their copyright but grant exclusive use to HighStrange for a year.) Look over our website and our first issue coming in late October to see the kinds of articles we publish. Be original. Be wild. But be honest. (HighStrange does not permit misleading articles and most articles are researched and annotated if non-fiction.)

Send us your ghost stories! (OK, this one can’t be proven, so true or created, let your imagination fly!) Occasional contests will be created and money awarded to contributing writers of ghost/paranormal/cryptid stories. Get those articles into We are currently running a ghost story contest. The winner will receive their story in print, a free advertisement in the Marketplace and $50 as a prize.


(No big ad agencies, please.)

We are also hiring an exceptional marketer. A percentage of each ad will be paid (right off the top) to our marketing agent. If you have a good track record–or even, perhaps, are just out of school, super sharp and building your portfolio, contact us. This could result in a substantial income starting from the beginning.

Contact for more information and to make submissions after securing your copyright. (Most Word-type programs automatically record your copyright, but there are other methods to do so. We do not accept writing or art without copyright. This protects both the artist and the magazine.



Weird World Press LLC 

116 S. Kirkland Avenue #35, Elkin, NC 28621


Editor-in-chief:  Ranee Decker,

Managing editor: Mark Davies,

General Submission Guidelines


  1. Submissions accepted via email only at this time unless prior arrangements are made.
  2. Copyright date and author name must be written under title.
  3. Acceptable format: Word doc. or Doc.x unlocked for editing
  4. 12-point type, Times New Roman, double-spaced
  5. 1” margins
  6. Pages numbered sequentially.
  7. Short stories up to about 1000 words.
  8. Feature articles no longer than 4000 unless authorized.
  9. Do not submit articles to multiple publishers at the same time. Always wait until a rejection notice is received before submitting to another publisher. (This is industry standard.)
  10. Writers retain their copyright but grant exclusive use to Weird World Press for one year unless prior permission is given by WWP.
  11. Please do not submit articles that were not assigned without prior approval except on spec.
  12. Images submitted for suggested use within articles must not be under copyright by another author or artist (hereafter referred to as “originator”) without written permission of the author or artist. Please submit originator name, contact info and copyright date with all images.
  13. Images in jpeg  or png format only at this time.


Contact Ranee Decker,


Mark Davies, managing editor,