Andreas Charalambous (England)

Andreas  is a university lecturer and Degree Programme leader in London. He has a BA in Media Production; MA in Mass Communications; a Post-Graduate degree in Education; and is currently conducting original research for his PhD in Horror Cinema. He also regularly writes both fiction and non-fiction on a variety of topics – particularly on horror and the paranormal. He has also served as a member of thte council for the Ghost Club.



Mark Davies (England)

“With a life-long interest in researching the strange and the weird, Mark, along with his partner Laura, spend their spare time exploring the paranormal, using their experiences and observations to guide them along a lonely and twisting path. Will they encounter you during their journey?



Ella Vae (USA)

Ella is an American writer. She has been a freelance writer for several years, and is an award winning short fiction writer. She is delighted to write about history, tech, and books for HighStrange and Weird World Press.



Vanna Estrada  (USA)

Vanna wears many hats at HighStrange. Our artist-in-residence, a writer, a modern witch and a talented tarot reader, Vanna brings so much sunshine to our magazine. Her columns focus on tarot reading and life as a mondern witch. Catch her every month in her “Ask A Witch” column.



Olaoluwa Adeyemi (Africa)

 Olaoluwa loves writing about spooky things when he is not fighting dragons or chasing the monster out of his closet. Olaoluwa Adeyemi has traveled extensively around Africa, learning about the history of different regions. He is also the founder of Paradux Africa.



Karen Wilburn (USA)

 “A background in the sciences opened my mind to the infinite mysteries of the universe.  The lies and secrecy of world governments sparked my curiosity.   The universe has become the playground of my mind.”



Jacob Kuyvenhoven (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Growing up in a self-proclaimed Haunted House, Jacob & his sisters experienced dozens of ghostly events. Approaching each occurrence with a logical mindset, he attempted to debunk and rationalize the experiences to no avail. Upon moving out of his childhood home, all paranormal activity ceased, and only began again after returning home for several years. Jacob has since uncovered no concrete evidence, and is on the hunt to validate his homestead encounters.



Emma Heard (England)

Guest writer Emma is a professional researcher, writer and copywriter who brings so much talent and light to HighStrange. We sincerely hope she will be able to join us as a regular contributor someday soon. We could never have gotten off the ground without her sage advice and experience.



Thorstein Gilmore (USA)

From a young age on  into adulthood I have been witness to the paranormal. I needed a logical understanding of the things I’ve seen. So I continue to research the strange and unusual and hopefully can share my ideas and general knowledge to help others who need answers.



Dimitar Peichinov (Bulgaria)

A soldier, a police officer and protector of the weak, he spends his time caring for his very ill mother at home, working on his farm and studying the complexities of life


B. Nightbird (Russia)

 A true renaissance man and a teacher, he possesses an almost encyclopedic memory of Russian folklore. From farming the harsh land of Siberia, to teaching, and reading and writing as well as working as a computer engineer, the man is rarely ever still.



Natalie Hayes (England)

A sceptic who wants to believe, Natalie is a writer, editor and business assistant from Essex, UK. She lives with her partner, Adam, Mitten the Ancient Cat and a hamster called Johnny Utah.



Ranee Decker (USA)

An animal communicator from childhood, and one who has experienced several ghostly encounters, Ranee has a lifelong interest in all things paranormal and weird. She is a professional editor and writer,  holds a BA in English/Journalism, an AS in religious studies, and is working on her Masters in English Literature as well as an AS in Marketing.



Gemma Johnson (UK)

Gemma has been a teacher for over 20 years and has experienced paranormal phenomena since childhood.  She is also a Mum of 2 children who have a keen interest in the paranormal.  Together with her Husband, Gemma has created a non-profit group, Junior Paranormal Events, which allows children and young people to safely explore the paranormal.  Gemma is the columnist for our Junior Paranormal Kids section.


Helen Bruce

Helen JR Bruce (UK)


Helen JR Bruce is a folklorist and author fascinated by Black Dogs, the Wild Hunt and the overlap of the supernatural on the mundane.
The first two books in her trilogy ‘Heat of the Hunt’ are out now.


Scott Weatherly (UK)

Scott  is a UK based podcaster and writer with an open mind but an inclination towards scepticism. He is always open to the


Bethan Jones (UK) October 2022 Haunted America cover artist.

Bethan grew up in Glamorgan, South Wales; a land of myth and folklore. Since finding a dusty old book called “The Folklore of Glamorgan” in the corner of a charity shop, she has been in love with the tales found on the outskirts of history. Now living in Essex with her husband and two children, she spends her time researching the more supernatural side of the county for the podcast Eerie Essex with Ailsa Clarke and expanding an ever-growing library of folklore tomes. She has recently started a new podcast with Owen Staton called Spectre of the Sea and is a mixture of storytelling, drama and Welsh folk tales.

Bethan has given talks on folklore connected with death and the landscape, helped to organize conferences on witches and fairies and in the past year has been consulted on Welsh Folklore for television programmes. When she is not doing research, she can be found in her art studio painting dreamlike landscapes.



Rick Decker (USA)

Rick is our Tech support guru and helps keep HighStrange online.


Metin Isov (Bulgaria)

Our webmaster Metin does an amazing job of designing and keeping the website up to date. I strongly recommend him for all your web needs.



Why HighStrange?

Interest in the paranormal at an all-time high. Millions of folks enjoy a good (safe) scare. All around the world, our superstitions and desire for excitement have propagated a huge number of paranormal podcasts, blogs, movies, TV shows, and magazines. We love our scary stories!

Our weird founder is no different.

An editor by trade, our founder, like all our writers, has held a deep, lifelong fascination for the paranormal, the strange and the bizarre. And, indeed, her life has certainly been more than a bit weird. A natural animal communicator from childhood,  several spooky encounters with ghosts, an NDE and even a possible doppelganger encounter, as well as years of research into paranormal topics convinced her that many of these phenomena are actually valid. There is SOMETHING beyond this plane of existence, and due to what she describes as “terminal curiosity”, she has never stopped NEEDING to know what it is.

When she finally became frustrated writing and editing for others, often on topics that bored her to tears, Ranee took a deep breath…1…2…3…and JUMPED into her lifelong dream of publishing a paranormal magazine that would both inform and entertain in ways no other paranormal mag does. Thus, HighStrange was born.

The journey to here.

And so began the hunt for some of the most talented writers and artists who shared her curiosity about all that is weird. Starting with no funding, she was blessed to gather an amazing group of creatives who worked hard–initially for no pay–to bring the most interesting, well-researched, spooky, and fun writing to life. Karma seems to shine over us since even some very kind and gifted folks with similar interests have offered their help on the fly. (For instance, while researching an article at Stonehenge, writer Emma had a professional photographer offer the use of his photos for the website for merely attribution.  (A kind thank you, Sir.) Our professional writers from all over the world, while becoming more like a family than a professional team,  have put their hearts and souls into HighStrange so that you can enjoy our magazine as much as we enjoy creating it. We currently have several erudite writers from the UK, from Siberia, Bulgaria, Canada, Africa and Australia and continue to search for writers worldwide that believe in our mission.

Our mission and promises to you.

HighStrange magazine delivers well-researched (and usually annotated) articles on all aspects of the paranormal, the weird, the spooky and the fun. From ghosts and cryptid hunts, from  archaeology and weird  history, from ethnocentric legends and myths to the totally off the wall, we’ll tackle any subject that appeals to us and to you. (You can even contact us with your curious questioning and suggestions for articles.) We even have a kids’ page that’s very gentle, spooky fun for  your little ones. Oh! And of course, we feature some great, original spooky stories as well as some of the best fiction in the genre. You can check out some “teaser” articles on the blog page.

When writing or investigating, we guarantee complete honesty and real facts. We will NEVER fake evidence during investigations and will investigate logically. You won’t find hysteria or fakery-for-ratings here.  We will think and write critical essays. We will research our topics rigorously. And we will always attempt to keep our products and advertising as cost-effective as possible.

Our family welcomes yours!

We hope you’ll  join our little family and help us to grow and reach more curious readers who love the horror genre as much as we do.   We are also always searching for talent from all over the globe. If you’re interested in writing or using your artistic skills and joining the fam, contact us please. The more writers we have, the more content we can bring to you, our dear subscribers!

Come on in! We won’t bite (hard).